Al Gore’s optimism on climate change

Al Gore did it again in another TED Talk in the end of last month. In 20 minutes he managed to show how critical our climate situation is but also brought a lot of optimism as solar and wind are beating all past predictions on how fast and big they are growing.

here is the video :


But Mr Gore forgets to talk about many other components of fighting climate change.

Other renewables are also booming and could provide solutions to our needs. Geothermal, tidal, wave, waste to energy… It is not as if lacked options.

Fighting deforestation and planting trees everywhere is also a much needed imperative. Trees are simply the best carbon sucking solutions on Earth…

Better transportation solutions are required. Cars everywhere result in gridlocks. Bikes, boats and buses have to become the de facto choice for urban citizens.

Food is also a key component. From preventing food waste to decreasing meat consumption, there is a lot that needs to be done there too.

Last but not least, my favorite option : energy efficiency. Doing more with less. This is how we can transition to a carbon neutral world much faster…

This is why, taking all these solutions into account, I am starting to be optimistic on climate change. But what about you ? Do you believe we can solve that whole climate conundrum ?

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