America could be coal-free by 2030

This isn’t surprising as I already noted that America could cut its coal consumption by 62 % by 2020 just by increasing its energy efficiency. Now comes a new study that shows that the USA could be completely coal-free by 2030.

If it can be done in America, it sure can be done in the European Union. Indeed, the group of countries relies almost as much on coal as the USA. Both get nearly 50 percent of the electricity from thermal sources.

For more on this study please check out the article on Ecogeek or the full study in the latest issue of Environmental Science and Technology,


Edouard is a sustainability and energy professional committed to bringing our societies to a carbon neutral future. He has been writing on related topics on this very blog since 2007.

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  1. Monday, January 10, 2011

    […] the United States of America to cut their energy dependence on foreign fossil fuels and local dirty coal. (As well as saving a lot of money, that is […]

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