Geoengineering : Seven extreme climate fixes

Given how the United States are burning, it is not extraordinary that National Geographic published in mid July on geoengineering, or if you prefer, solutions to alter directly our warming climate.

Among those solutions are pumping up plankton, artificial volcanoes, seaweed farms (something new), biochar, greening the desert (see this post), cloud making ships and white roofs.

As you can see, I already had covered most of these solutions except seaweed farms. I think this pretty covers everything, except that we need to cool back the poles…

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Painting roofs white

Sometimes the simplest solutions can have huge impacts. Indeed, painting dark roofs white can decrease by up to a fifth  buildings air conditioning use. Generalized globally, this could make a big difference.

Scientists at the Concordia University estimated that painting one percent of the world’s urban surfaces white could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 130 gigatons over the next 50-100 years.

Additionally, the White Roof Project estimates that painting all of the world’s rooftops white by 2030 could save enough emissions to equal the world’s carbon output in 2010.

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After green roofs, white ones !

You perhaps remember the article I published last year on green roofs and how they enable to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and energy consumption.

Now come white roofs, which according to Fortune and other sources, just provide the same advantages. However, these ones won’t purify the air of cities, as their counterparts do.

As 90 % of all roofs in the US are dark, a recent study showed that painting them white would enable the country to save a billion Dollars in air conditioning costs.

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