Solar PV efficiency new record hit : 44%

To Treehugger : “ The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and their industry partner Solar Junction, have just set the bar even higher in the race for ultra-high-effiency PV cells by achieving another world record of 44% efficiency. “ But wait, there is more as to another article solar PV panels could soon be 50 … Read more

Let there be more light ?

europeatnight.jpgThis week-end was held in Slovenia the seventh European Symposium for the protection of the night sky.

This is the occasion to have a look at the lightning of our cities at night. As more lights mean more greenhouse gases emissions, we will have to reduce the amount of lightning to fight climate change.

The image used for this article is Europe and North Africa at night, according to the Nasa. With this, I believe one can really understand quickly the problem.

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