The Fukushima horror story goes on

Safe and clean nuclear energy seems everyday further away as the horror story of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan unfolds. Each passing year seems to bring its flow of bad news. As the New York Times notes : ” Problems at the plant seemed to take a sharp turn for the worse in July … Read more

Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten 100 times worse

This seems to come straight from a nightmare. According to Grist, the Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten a hundred times bigger in only forty years. This is a huge problem as all this pollution directly harms the local biodiversity. Turtles and fishes are the first victims but all this could also endanger zooplankton in the … Read more

Atlantic’s garbage patch

I previously wrote here that plastic may be a curse of our time because of the millions of tonnes of these materials polluting the Pacific Ocean. Now comes its equivalent in the North Atlantic Ocean. To the National Geographic : “The newly described garbage patch sits hundreds of miles off the North American coast. Although … Read more

Soon to be lost paradises

In the past few weeks – and further to my articles on rising sea levels – I have been wondering how the beautiful islands in Oceania and elsewhere will be affected by this phenomenon.

It seems many people will have to flee their homes. Indeed, many islands like Tuvalu and the Maldives (pictured) may disappear from the surface of our planet by mid-century.

Today I propose you some of the latest articles on that topic. Climate change is happening right now, those islanders witness it as you read this.

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Plastic, a curse of our time

I was reading the Arctic Circle, the comics strip (left) provided by the Daily Green, and this reminded me I never wrote about what is referred to as the Pacific Trash Vortex.

Spreading from California to Japan and Hawaii, it is the world’s largest dump and the biggest sign – with the billion tonnes of CO2 – that we have gone way to far in polluting our planet.

But the Pacific is not the only one: all our oceans are polluted by million tons of plastic. I collected for today’s post two articles on that most dreadful fact.

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