Appaling environmental politics in France

Here we go. The only debate of the French Presidential elections have come and gone. Sunday, Mr. Sarkozy and Hollande will be either reelected or elected as the President of the sixth world economy.

During nearly three hours, none of them have mentioned environmental issues. Peak oil occurred during the last Presidential mandate, but both candidates are acting as if there would be cheap oil for ever and ever.

The next five years are absolutely critical in mitigating climate change AND averting the worsening economic recession because of higher oil prices. Do they care ? It doesn’t seem so.

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Environmental and energy issues are absent of French elections

2012 is an election year for France as we will elect our President in May and our Representatives in June. And so far, I have to regret that little to nothing has been said about the energy and environmental crises we are currently experimenting. I am absolutely stunned of how little to nothing is said … Read more

France seeks alternatives to GDP

nicolas-sarkozy-france-joseph-stiglitzGross Domestic Product, also know as GDP, is not a sustainable indicator. Indeed it only focuses on the economy and makes no mention of societies and environment. So we need alternatives that would take that into account.

This is even more urgent with the current economic downturn. Indeed, even if things are slowly and difficultly getting better, we have an opportunity to change our way of reasoning and embrace a paradigm shift.

This is why the French President – Nicolas Sarkozy – asked the renowned economist and Nobelist Joseph Stiglitz to work on finding another indicator.

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