The Third Industrial Revolution

the third industrial revolutionHere is my review of The Third Industrial Revolution, by Jeremy Rifkin. After reading the 300 pages I daresay this book provides us a vision and a narrative to achieve it. Here are the five pillars of this revolution :

1. Shifting to renewable energy ; 2. Converting buildings into power plants 3. Hydrogen and other energy storage technology ; 4. Smart grid technology ; 5. Plug in, electric, hybrid, and fuel cell based transportation.

I quite enjoyed the two first parts where the author describe the world we are currently living in and how the second industrial revolution is coming to an end as our whole system is burning up.

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The three topics of the UNEP meeting in Monaco

unep.jpgThe members of the United Nations Environment Program meet this week in the Principality of Monaco and many subjects were discussed about.

From the launch of the Climate Neutral Network to the importance of climate change on marine life or the emerging green economy, there were very interesting news.

I tackle below all these topics and the least I can say is that progress are being made on climate change mitigation, and that times is pressing more than ever.

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