Water scarcity to hit half Mankind by 2050

Water, water everywhereAccording to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ” by 2050 more than half the world’s population will live in water-stressed areas and about a billion or more will not have sufficient water resources. “

” (…) The researchers expect 5 billion of the world’s projected 9.7 billion people to live in water-stressed areas by 2050. They also expect about 1 billion more people to be living in areas where water demand exceeds surface-water supply. “

The threat is, as you can imagine, to be exarcebated by global warming and increasing water demand. Lucky us, there are solutions to both problems.

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IEA : Global CO2 emissions decreased

greenhouse-gas-emissionsAccording to a study to be released in November by the International Energy Agency, global greenhouse gases emissions decreased by no less than 2.6 percent. This can be explained by several factors.

Among these factors are the economic recession which decreased the emissions of the global industrial sector but also the various commitments of the United States, the European Union and China.

In the Washington Post, Lester Brown noted that US emissions went down by no less than nine percent over the last two years, ending a century of increasing emissions.

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The huge potential of energy efficiency

cfl.jpg I am a huge advocate of energy efficiency since my Master’s thesis on the French residential sector and even believe this is the panacea to all our energy and climate problems.

So when two recent studies brought further data, I thought it would be nice to share them with you. One comes from the Earth Policy Institute – Lester Brown’s NGO – and the second one from an official US agency.

What can be done in lightning in replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs can also be done in all the aspects of our lives. It is high time to stop wasting energy !

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Lester Brown’s interview in Terra Economica

Lester Brown, the famous US environmentalist – founder of the Worldwatch Institute and President of the Earth Policy Institute – was interviewed by the French Magazine Terra Economica.

Everything from climate change to the current crises we are facing is tackled and Mr. Brown’s opinions on what he calls the first 21st century ecological crisis are worth spreading.

After having written a review of one of his previous books, I propose you in today’s article a summary (as well as a translation) of this most interesting interview.

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Review of Plan B 2.0 by Lester R Brown

As I just finished this book from the renowned founder of the Earth Policy Institute, I will give you my review of what I consider an essential reading on environmentalism.

I consider it a must read as it brings not only solutions to most problems our Planet and Mankind are facing, but also hope for a better world.

Indeed, the book provides concrete and realistic solutions to vital issues like soil erosion, water and energy shortages or overpopulation.

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