Global wind capacity to exceed 300 GW this year

As Cleantechnica reported, according to data collected from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), global wind capacity may exceed 300 gigawatts this year. As Greenpeace pointed out (see left), this represents the capacity of all power plants in Mexico and South and Central Americas. In 2012, the global … Read more

Two important milestones for wind energy

EWEA here comes the windIn September, two important milestones were set for wind energy as installed capacities reached a 100 gigawatts and 50 gigawatts in the European Union and the United States of America, respectively.

The 100 GW of wind turbines are producing as much electricity as 62 coal-fired plants or 39 nuclear reactors or 52 natural gas generators as the European Wind Energy Association noted.

The market in accelerating exponentially in Europe as “it took two decades for these countries to reach 10 GW and just 13 years to add another 90 GW “

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European Union to exceed its renewables goals

Good news everyone ! To Cleantechies : ” The European Union will exceed its target of meeting 20 percent of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020 (…). Twenty-five of the 27 EU nations will meet or exceed their national targets. “

This comes from a report from the European Wind Energy Association which notes that wind will be behind the vast majority of the electricity provided by renewables with 14 percent. This is quite a lot.

After checking among the 900+ articles in my database, this is not entirely new as the European Commission itself announced it in March 2010.

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An offshore wind energy boom in Europe

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) published its annual report and the results are encouraging as the offshore wind energy capacity grew by 54 percent in 2009 with 577 MW.

The United Kingdom appears to be leading the sector as it installed more than half of the added capacity of the European Union. And this is only the beginning as the country plans to install 3,500 wind turbines this decade.

2010 is due to be another great year for this energy source accross the continent as capacity is due to grow by one gigawatt (1,000 MW if you prefer).

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