Oceans are warming really fast

So fast, in fact that scientists studying the phenomenon are making new scales to adapt. As the Guardian reported last week , ” NOAA (the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration )  literally has to remake its graphs. “

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Today’s is the International Day of Forests

ForestsAnd the Mother Nature Network published a brilliant article on this occasion on how forests are vitally important not only to our civilization but to Life on our beautiful planet as a whole.

They have found no less than 21 reasons why we should protect forests. While most of them are well known to the readers of this humble website, some are truly amazing ( I am thinking about #18, jobs creation)

So today, more than ever, let’s remember that not only do we have to fight for already standing forests but also to plant more trees around the globe.

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Yesterday was Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day 2013You probably know it : we consume way too much stuff : food, water, energy… As a matter of fact we consume so much that we are depleting the resources our beautiful planet gives us.

As Business Green noted : ” Today the world dips into its environmental overdraft as mankind’s demands for resources since the beginning of 2013 exceeds what the planet can renew in a year. “

Just like for financial capital, consuming more natural capital than what we have can be excessively dangerous. It is high time we change this.

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Carbon dioxide concentration reaches 400 ppm

400 ppm :  time to actGiven how Humankind keeps on spewing dozens of billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, this was expected : carbon dioxide concentration have reached 400 parts per million.

While this may sound mundane to most people, this is a real event, and one that could have dire consequences. Last time CO2 concentration were this high, temperatures were 8°C (or 14°F ) higher.

Additionally, sea level were significantly higher. Both higher temperatures and higher sea levels would be lethal threats to our civilization.

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Ocean acidification at its highest in million years

I had written about this very topic last month. To the New York Times green blog : ” A new scientific paper suggests that the ocean is acidifying at a rate that is many times faster than at any time in the past 300 million years. “ ” The change is occurring so rapidly that it raises … Read more

Earth is losing 500 billion tons of ice a year

To the NASA : ” Using satellite measurements (…), the researchers measured ice loss in all of Earth’s land ice between 2003 and 2010, with particular emphasis on glaciers and ice caps outside of Greenland and Antarctica. ” ” The total global ice mass lost from Greenland, Antarctica and Earth’s glaciers and ice caps during … Read more

We should all partake in the Green Economy

This post was submitted for the UNEP World Environment Day blogging competition sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program  and TreeHugger. Please Like it on Facebook or tweet using the #WED2012 hashtag.

I have been convinced for years now that the only solution to our current global triple crisis – massive unemployment, climate change, peak oil – is the Green Economy. The UNEP and many NGOs have reinforced this strong belief.

Cleantech is already a reality as $260 billion were invested last year alone, and it is only the beginning as the UN declared this year will be the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

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Bee problem nearing a ‘critical point’

Bees are a critical element of global ecosystems and thus, to our survival. Didn’t Albert Einsteim himself stated that ” If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. “ Most unfortunately, those great insects are endangered by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). To a … Read more

Seven billion souls on Planet Earth

To Echo Sierra : ” According to the UN Population Fund, the global population will reach 7 billion souls on the 31st of October 2011, giving concerns about the natural resources scarcity and inequalities a renewed and actual acuity.”

” According to UN estimates, world population could grow to 15 billion by the end of the century, while global economy is based on limited  – and thus craved – resources. Conditions are met for an escalation of tensions and conflictuality.” 

I personally believe that it will prove difficult to reach even nine billion people as climate gets warmer and weirder. Olivier is absolutely right in saying that we will face an escalation of tensions…

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We are heading for a major planetary catastrophe

To Common Dreams : Humanity is near to breaching the sustainability of Earth, and needs a technological revolution greater and faster than the industrial revolution to avoid “a major planetary catastrophe,” warns a new United Nations report.

“The World Economic and Social Survey 2011: The Great Green Technological Transformation,” published today by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs calls for investments of at least $1.9 trillion per year to avert this catastrophe.

I don’t know about you but I have lost count of how many times the United Nations called for action and how nations around the world ignored those calls…

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