Teen boost efficiency of algae-based biofuels

What were you doing when you were 17-year old ? Sara Volz, A Colorado, USA, teen created a biofuel lab in her bedroom. Even better, she developed more efficient algae that produce higher oil content just by selecting them artificially. This is seen as an important boost to algae based biofuels. It was done with … Read more

America : Hell and high water

Climate change is currently hitting the United States in an impressive way. So I thought I would sum up here what is happening accross the ocean for those who just lost track at how this is becoming awful.

Just last week, nearly 1,000 record high-temperatures records were broken all across the country. In Colorado, up to 36,000 of people have been fleeing the raging fires. Dozens of houses have been destroyed.

In Virgina, nearly three million people found themselves without electricity because of a storm. In Florida,  another storm named Debby flooded cities.

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