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You must have heard or read about it : Friday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has published the first part of its latest report. The results are even more frightening than in 2007 and stress how urgent action is needed. Now the IPCC is between 95 percent sure that […]

The IPCC latest report is out


Richard Branson is the serial entrepreneur of genius behind Virgin. Having studied him in my management classes at Audencia back to 2006, I have to say that I really wanted to read his latest book, Screw Business As Usual. Having read it in a couple of days, I have to […]

Screw Business As Usual, by Richard Branson

To TreeHugger and Science Daily, protecting a mere 17 percent of the land surfaces against human exploitation would protect two third of the plant species. However, there is a catch as we have to protect the right places… So if we have to protect the most of our biodiversity, we […]

Biodiversity, the importance of protecting the right areas

To the UNEP : “The waste of a staggering 1.3 billion tonnes of food per year is not only causing major economic losses but also wreaking significant harm on the natural resources that humanity relies upon to feed itself. “ 1.3 billion tonnes of food ! This has profound repercussions […]

Frightening food quantities frittering away

It had been a long while since my last post on Cleantechies, as I didn’t post during summer. But I am back with a post on a topic close to my heart as my Master’s thesis was on it. The French residential sector could benefit immensely from energy efficiency efforts […]

France unveils new efforts to renovate buildings

If you have been away from Twitter and your environmental news sources for all summer, here is the perfect article to know what were the most important news besides the ones I covered here. Given this selection I believe it is safe to say we are reaching tipping points for […]

Worth an article : My July & August 2013 ...

A mere two weeks ago I was in a middle of a field with my dear uncle Christophe. He was explaining me how he is planting cover crops in some of their fields to cut fertilizer and pesticides use as well as protecting the Environment. Now, back to present days, […]

Cover crops are the future of sustainable agriculture

The People’s Republic of China is in the middle of a very serious situation as it is struggling with horrendous air pollution which in the Northern provinces cut life expectancy by over five years. To avoid this from worsening even more, the local government has been investing heavily in the […]

China coal consumption could peak soon

It seems every single thing we enjoy in our daily lives is endangered by unchecked climate change. We have seen here that chocolate, coffee and wine will see their productions alter and decrease by warming temperatures. Climate Progress published last month a list of 16 of your favorite things that […]

Climate change endangers tea

With shale oil and other extreme oil sources, many think peak oil is dead, or at least is not threatening our economies. But this couldn’t be more wrong. The historic average  oil prices are of $25. Current prices are above $110 a barrel. Five years ago, they were less than […]

Is Peak Oil real ? Yes, and it is here


I almost never watch news on TV as I find them too depressing and too little focused on the topics that matter to me. So I prefer scanning a few newspapers, my Netvibes page and its many RSS feeds, and, of course, Twitter. But my dear mom still watches the […]

The VolturnUS, a US floating wind turbine

Safe and clean nuclear energy seems everyday further away as the horror story of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan unfolds. Each passing year seems to bring its flow of bad news. As the New York Times notes : ” Problems at the plant seemed to take a sharp turn […]

The Fukushima horror story goes on