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According to the latest report by the Club of Rome, the average global temperature could increase by two degrees Celsius if nothing were done beforehand. Such an increase is seen a dangerous as it would enable positive feedback mechanisms – such as drying up of the Amazon or melting permafrost […]

2°C temperature rise to be expected by 2052

As the situation is getting more and more desperate and climate gets weirder, global greenhouse gases emissions keep on increasing globally. As the International Energy Agency stated last week : ” Global carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil-fuel combustion reached a record high of 31.6 gigatonnes (Gt) in 2011, according to […]

IEA : Global CO2 emissions increased in 2011

After Microsoft’s pledge to go carbon neutral earlier this month, it was logical to see other IT giants follow suit. The first to clean up and go low carbon is Apple. As Robert McMillan reports in Grist : ” The computer company says that by early next year, the energy used to […]

Apple’s data centers to go 100% renewables

Will your car – or mine, or any vehicle – be powered one day by algae ? Despite this solution being a great one compared to more traditional biofuels, we will have to be (really) patient as GigaOM notes : ” In 2010, Pike Research predicted that by 2020, the […]

For algae biofuels, it’s all about patience

I have been blogging here many times over on how biking and bike sharing are great sustainable solutions to fossil fuels depletion, high oil prices, air pollution and traffic congestion. While browsing Cleantechnica in search of great articles to share with you all, I found a blog solely dedicated to […]

Global bike sharing news


Are we finally getting things right on climate change ? Not completely, but what happened last week may be a good omen for the Rio +20 conference. As I noted in a post published yesterday on Cleantechies : ” Further to the Camp David meeting last week, G8 leaders agreed […]

G8 leaders agree to act on climate, air pollution

The Atlantic published an article under this title that points to another inconvenient truth: between the growing needs of an increasing population and climate change, water will soon come in short supply. To the first U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security :” by 2030 humanity’s annual global water […]

2030, the coming global water crisis

I previously wrote on Cleantechies that more aggressive climate policies could save Europe money and that air pollution costs billions to the European Union. Here is another example of how Europe could save money : ” According to a recent study carried out by Euroheat & Power, the international association of […]

District heating and cooling has huge potential

(Word of caution : this is a repost from an old series) For the fourth installment of these series – see the previous articles on heating, electricity and water– I would like to propose you a selection of the best tips to help you using less your car. Doing so […]

Towards sustainability, reloaded : transport

If a weirder climate, rising sea levels and so on and so forth weren’t enough to motivate us to combat climate change, here is another reason to do so. As Al Gore notes on his blog : “Watery eyes, runny noses and puffy faces will abound this year as a […]

Climate change to worsen allergies

The recent launch of a 600 MW solar park in the state of Gujarat – the largest in Asia – was the occasion for The Economist to publish an interesting article on the huge potential of solar energy in India. The British weekly notes : ” solar power would appear […]

A bright future for solar in India

Saudi Arabia flags 1

Yes, you read that right : the oil superpower is willing to tap into its significant solar potential by installing no less than 41 gigawatts of solar capacity by 2032. The project is estimated to cost $109 billion (84 billion euros). Out of the 41 GW of capacity, 16 will […]

Saudi Arabia to invest massively in cleantech