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We have seen in 2010 with the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico that offshore oil exploitation could lead to dramatic pollutions. Now, we are learning the hard way that offshore natural gas exploitation can be foolhardy. As The Guardian noted : ” Oil giant Total has confirmed that a […]

Offshore natural gas exploitation isn’t safe either

” Humanity has witnessed unprecedented growth and prosperity in the past decades, with the size of the world economy more than tripling and population increasing by over 3 billion people since 1970. “ ” This growth, however, has been accompanied by environmental pollution and natural resource depletion. The current growth […]

2050 and the consequences of inaction

As Al Gore noted on his blog : ” The March heat wave continues to shatter longstanding records from the Upper Midwest to the Northeast, with more than 2,200 warm temperature records set during the month so far.“ Meanwhile, President Barack Obama admitted during a fundraiser that the temperatures experienced […]

Another heat wave hits America and Europe

To Energy Bloom : ” Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning to spend 200 billion euros ($263 billion) developing an energy program that will create a series of offshore wind farms that will cover an area six times the size of New York City. “ ” (…) Germany has a plan […]

Germany to invest 200 billion euros in energy


China is so profoundly harmed by pollution that it is more and more aggressively pursuing – or trying to pursuit – a cleaner development. The last example of this was exemplified earlier this month by a Reuters news article : ” China, the world’s top energy consumer, is expected to […]

China could cap energy consumption by 2015


Today is World Water Day. I would like to pick the occasion to write about access to water as 800 million people still lack it. A massive forty percent of the African population is still without it. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions, one of them is rainwater harvesting. An […]

World Water Day : focus on rainwater harvesting


As the official TED talks website notes on this absolute must-see and must-share video : ” Top climate scientist James Hansen tells the story of his involvement in the science of and debate over global climate change. “In doing so he outlines the overwhelming evidence that change is happening and […]

James Hansen must-see speach at TED talks


Electric vehicles suffer nowadays from two main problems : limited range and expensive price. But both problems could soon be solved if Envia Systems, a California-based company succeeded. To Climate Progress : ” Envia says its new manganese-based cathode design allows lithium cells to store almost three times the amount […]

Envia, a battery breakthrough for electric vehicles

This is so mindbogglingly big that I had to write about it. To Cleantechies : ” A UK report says that nearly half of the electricity consumed by British businesses is wasted when employees are not at work.” ” In an analysis of more than 6,000 smart meters, British Gas found […]

Half of electricity at UK businesses is wasted

In this economy, I am sure you are careful about how you spend your money and really think about how you will make ends meet this month or the next as the economy might head toward another recession as oil prices go up. However, each time you are putting 50 […]

Throwing money out of the window

TreeHugger recently rejoiced as for the first time in over thirty years, coal has accounted for less than 40 percent of the local electricity mix. This is good news as coal is the most greenhouse gases emitting fossil fuel. This steady and continuous decrease can be explained mainly by the […]

Coal decreases in US electricity mix

I had written about this very topic last month. To the New York Times green blog : ” A new scientific paper suggests that the ocean is acidifying at a rate that is many times faster than at any time in the past 300 million years. “ ” The change is occurring […]

Ocean acidification at its highest in million years