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To the WWF : “ It’s possible to reduce deforestation to near zero by 2020, but delaying action to save forests by even a decade means double the area of forests lost by 2030 “ ” The report finds that reducing deforestation to near zero would also bring global emissions […]

Stopping deforestation by 2020 is nearly possible


These are great news, just in time for the current climate talks taking place in Durban as to a new report from Bloomberg, global investments in renewables are surpassing for the first time ever the amounts invested in fossil fuels. With economies of scale and scope, both solar energy and […]

Investments in renewables surpass fossil fuels

The 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which is starting today in Durban, South Africa is THE event to follow during the next two weeks. According to Dr. Rajendra Pachauri ” Global climate talks need to focus on the growing […]

New climate talks round starting today in Durban

I don’t talk about food often here. However, with so many starving people around the world, I should talk more about agricultural advances as feeding nine billion people by 2050 will be the biggest challenge ever faced. To Ecogeek : ” A new type of rice (from) the University of […]

Here comes the miracle rice


Do you remember Annie Leonard’s great documentaries The Story of Stuff and the Story of Cosmetics ? Well, she did a few other more, including the latest : The Story of Broke. In this eight-minute animated clip, she tackles the huge problem of subsidies of all kinds that are given […]

Annie Leonard’s latest : The Story of Broke

According to the IEA’s annual report, the situation is getting bleaker and bleaker. Confirming that we have five years to start decreasing our global emissions – cf. my previous post on that very matter – it is also providing several other findings. As you can sure imagine, several websites published […]

IEA World Energy Outlook 2011

I was mentioning last week a documentary called The Thorium Dream, produced by Lasting less than half an hour it is an absolute must-watch to grab the potential of this technology. I know we shouldn’t cringe to just one solution. But I now believe that nuclear risk and waste […]

The Thorium Dream


We already saw that solar PV is due to compete in terms of costs with fossil fuels by around 2017 as this energy source is gaining momentum so fast that the Holy Grail – grid parity – might soon be within reach. These are sure great news… But there is […]

Wind power to be competitive by 2016

Here is my latest reflection on Cleantechies : ” The more I delve into energy and climate issues, the more this seems completely evident : we should prefer energy efficiency and sobriety over renewables.“ ” Making efficiency a priority – whereas renewables are the priority nowadays – will without a […]

Prefering efficiency and sobriety over renewables

After three months of crunching numbers for the World Community Grid on solar panels, better water, aids and cancer, I am joining their new project due to combat malaria. Here is why you should join the fight : “ Malaria is one of the three deadliest infectious diseases on earth […]

World Community Grid : GO Fight Against Malaria

The French magazine Science & Vie [Fr] published this month a lengthy series of articles on thorium-based nuclear, and how it could solve the various issues encountered with uranium-based energy generation. Much more safer, without the need to be enriched, Thorium is also four times more abundant than Uranium. Molten […]

Toward risk-free nuclear with Thorium ?

To Enerzine [Fr] the world largest offshore wind farm has gone online in the Irish sea. Walney 2 has a capacity of 367,2 MW, enough to power 320,000 British households. It was also the fastest ever installation. The farm will however quickly lose its title to other projects set to […]

United Kingdom is committed to offshore wind