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To Echo Sierra : ” According to the UN Population Fund, the global population will reach 7 billion souls on the 31st of October 2011, giving concerns about the natural resources scarcity and inequalities a renewed and actual acuity.” ” According to UN estimates, world population could grow to 15 […]

Seven billion souls on Planet Earth

The Guardian Sustainable Business blog published last week an interesting post on the ten most promising future cleantechs. I have to admit I am not sure all of them really are as I spotted at least one odd out. Indeed, even if algae, zinc air batteries, organic solar cells or […]

The ten most promising cleantechs

It seems global weirding is indeed taking place. While there are huge droughts in Texas, Thailand and its capital city, Bangkok are witnessing their largest floods in decades. As the Guardian reports : ” Thailand is used to floods in monsoon season, but this year’s are the worst for more […]

Ongoing floods in Thailand to cost billion

This is what arises as the Arctic is melting much faster than the IPCC predicted in its report in 2007. ( I had blogged much about their findings during my first year of blogging here) As Climate Progress notes : ” Far from being “alarmist,” predictions from climate scientists in […]

IPCC underplayed the impacts of climate change

A post on TreeHugger got my attention last week. It was about how the President of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, stated that further to the economic downturn in 2007 he putted people before banks and cleantech before fossil fuels. As the OECD notes, the economic situation is improving quickly and […]

A compelling example from Iceland

While reading Climate Progress I came across a must-see speech from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, from Rhode Island. As the description on Youtube notes : ” There are some laws that Congress can change. The laws of nature aren’t among them. While lobbyists continue to call for more and more “second” […]

A real must-see and must-share video on climate


The Economist noted as early as 2002 that coal is the environmental enemy number one. Yet, it is still used a lot to generate electricity at cheap prices. But this doesn’t even make economic sense. To Grist : ” Electricity from coal imposes more damages on the U.S. economy than […]

Coal is the enemy of the human race

Hello all. After proposing you to subscribe by RSS via Feedburner ; by Email ; and to follow this website by Twitter and last but not least on Facebook, I am just wondering if you would be interested by a weekly newsletter. It would feature all this blog articles from […]

Would you subscribe to a weekly newsletter ?

To TreeHugger : ” If (the) Kyoto Protocol dies at COP17 climate talks, so does our climate “. This article reminds us that the next round of UNFCC climate talks will start in less than two months in Durban, South Africa. It also reminds us that it is the only […]

Why continuing the Kyoto Protocol is crucial

Currently, the world is relying massively on coal to generate electricity as it is cheap, awfully cheap – if you don’t take into account the negative externalities as it is polluting our air, our soil and is one of the main factors to climate change. But what if solar became […]

Solar PV to become the cheapest option by 2018


Here are two good news. First : this seems too good to be true as such a fact would sure lead to a bigger role of climate change in politics all around the 27 nations of the European Union. According to an article from the Guardian : ” Europeans believe […]

Two great news from Europe on climate change

To TreeHugger : ” Last year, the Amazon rainforest experienced the worst drought on record, reducing normally flowing rivers to sun-baked stretches of dried mud and pushing the fragile ecosystem to the brink. “ ” (…) As a result of 2010’s Amazon drought, experts say, some 1.8 billion tons of […]

The Amazon rainforest starts emitting CO2