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According to Terra Daily : ” Europe’s forests have expanded over the past 20 years and are thus absorbing more carbon dioxide, a report published in Oslo Tuesday showed, offering some good news in the battle to limit climate change. ” ” According to the report published during a ministerial […]

European forests are growing

At first I couldn’t possibly believe it, it had to be a sinister joke : there would be a million solar homes in Bangladesh…  I was wondering : How could such a poor country such as Bangladesh could afford to have a million houses with solar panels ? Indeed, the […]

A million solar homes… in Bangladesh

To Climate Progress : ” Is the “Global Weirding” of 2010 and 2011 the new normal? (…) Any one of the extreme weather events of 2010 or 2011 could have occurred naturally sometime during the past 1,000 years. “ ” But it is highly improbable that the remarkable extreme weather […]

A weirder and weirder climate…

As the world’s first energy consumer and greenhouse gases emitter, the People’s Republic of China is under closed scrutiny from energy analysts. Last week, not one or two but three different news caught my attention on this country. The climate situation there is dreadful as according to CNN massive floods […]

More efficiency, wind power and nuclear for China

If my Wednesday post on the 19,000 endangered species didn’t put you down,  the findings of the International Programme on the State of the Oceans (ISPO) will. As the New York Times green blog notes : ” The state of the oceans is declining far more rapidly than most pessimists […]

A globally significant risk of marine extinction

I seldom write about social or economic issues on this blog as I am more prone to tackle environmental ones, and this even if they are part of the sustainable development triptych. But each time I blog about social topics it seems I am watching Rom burn and collapse. My […]

Precarity is another reason for a green New Deal

To TreeHugger : “ That’s a lot of species. And it’s roughly 9,000 more than were endangered just over ten years ago, in 2000. That’s the finding of the latest report from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).” ” There are now roughly 19,000 species that are […]

IUCN : 19,000 endangered species

Further to the catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan, the Christian Science Monitor wrote an interesting article on the ten countries relying for more than 30 percent on nuclear for their electricity. As they put it : ” As dependent as Japan is on nuclear power, 12 nations are even more reliant […]

Countries with more than 30 percent of nuclear

Here we go again… New climate talks, same disappointment. Preliminary talks took place in Bonn, Germany, to discuss the future of the Kyoto Protocol, which will end next year. To the Guardian, the negotiations aren’t progressing : Even if they are making progress on ” technical issues “, countries are […]

No (good) news from the Bonn Climate Talks

Here is another renewable energy we little hear about… According to a new publication from the IEA, geothermal could provide about 3.5% of annual global electricity production, 3.9% of energy for heat by 2050. As the press release notes : ” there is potential to achieve at least a tenfold […]

The huge global potential of geothermal

Climate Progress published an article on how developing countries are more moving on climate change than developed, when the latter are responsible for the largest share of emissions… This is completely crazy and sad at the same time. As they note : ” The countries that have made the smallest […]

When the weakest work the hardest on climate

To CleanTechnica : ” A new national 10-year plan from Brazil shows that the country will triple its use of renewable energy by 2020 and that a lot of that energy will be wind energy. ” ” Going from 9 GW of wind, biomass and small hydropower in 2010, the […]

Brazil and South Korea are increasing their efforts