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Have you heard about the Jevons paradox ? Or the rebound effect ? Neither of them ? However they both refer to an interesting fact related to energy, efficiency and conservation. In a nutshell : we have been using more and more energy since the Industrial revolution, centuries ago, however, […]

On the Jevons paradox

To Reuters : ” French energy major Total SA’s landmark $1.37 billion (note : one billion euro) offer for a majority stake in U.S. company SunPower Corp gave fresh impetus to hopes of more deals, lifting global solar stocks. ” ” Total’s move is one of the biggest ever by […]

Total to invest one billion euro in SunPower

In French, we have an expression, ” la fuite en avant “ which can be explained this way : “A fuite en avant is something one does when one is in a losing situation, and one hopes to salvage it by doing more of the same or worse.” Not that […]

Oil : the headlong rush

It seems that April is a bad month for the environment. Last week I was writing about the BP oil spill and now I am writing about what took place in Ukraine. The worst nuclear accident ever indeed took place on April 26th, 1986. This was the occasion for Ban […]

Another anniversary : 25 years after Chernobyl

This is the question one might ask as there are so many of them nowadays. Geekaphone answers this with a brilliant infographic by having a close look at its fabrication and lifecycle. Did you know that during its lifecycle, an iPhone 4 will emit the equivalent of 45 kgs of […]

How green is the iPhone ?

You would have thought that the United States have learned from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which took place a year ago. To the Huffington Post, this is absolutely not the case. “In the year since the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history, Congress hasn’t […]

One year after the BP oil spill


To the UNEP : ” Renewable energy was given a boost with the opening of the first General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) which opened in Abu Dhabi on Monday. The two-day meeting with 800 delegates from 150 countries confirmed in its first session that Abu Dhabi […]

Please welcome IRENA !


This week the New York Times ran another great article on energy, this time on why natural gas may be worse than coal, regarding climate change. Until now, this energy source was said to be emitting half less than coal. The implications of such a fact could be huge as […]

Is natural gas really worse than coal ?


To Time magazine : “Japanese officials announced on Tuesday morning that they were planning to raise the event level at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant from 5 to the maximum level of 7 “ That’s right, now Fukushima is just alongside Chernobyl in the IAEA INES scale. Yet, the catastrophe […]

Why Fukushima isn’t a new Chernobyl

… but fossil fuels are progressing even faster. This is in a nutshell the message from the International Energy Agency’s (IEA, the OECD energy office) latest report, the Clean Energy Progress Report. As GreenTechMedia noted : ” Renewable energy generation has grown, on average, by 2.7 percent a year since […]

Cleantech is progressing fast

To CleanTechies : ” Worldwide installed wind capacity grew by 38.3 GW in 2010, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. That’s an increase of 24% in global wind capacity “. This is as much as what was installed in 2009. China alone installed nearly half of it alone with […]

Global wind capacity grew 24 percent in 2010