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While I am a huge supporter of electric cars and mass transportation, I also believe bikes should play a more important role in our lives and cities.  And so does Grist with its great Bikenomics series of three articles. Indeed, cycling allows people to stop buying foreign oil and thus […]

Grist : How bicycling will save the economy


Cleantechnica got another interesting article, this time on what the past ten years meant to cleantech and what the next ten years could bring. The occasion is given by Clean Edge’s market research. ” With growth rates like seen in the telephone industry (…) during comparable revolutions, clean energy options […]

Cleantech : 2001-2010 and 2010-2020

Hello all. As my current mission as a Marketing and Communications Assistant at ESSEC Business School will end in May I am again seeking employment in the sustainability and cleantech sectors. Of course I am looking more broadly for a position where my strong international management acumen and languages competencies […]

Looking for new employment opportunities


With all the agitation around the Fukushima catastrophe, I thought it would be interesting to put some facts and figures on the dangerosity of  energy sources, including oil, coal, natural gas, some renewable energy sources and nuclear… The global death rate for coal is 161 per TWh (15 in the […]

A look at deaths per TWh by energy source

Despite its recent economic harshness, Iceland is rich as it is located on one of the world’s best geothermal hot spots. The potential is so large they are thinking about exporting electricity to neighboring European nations. As Ecogeek noted: “Iceland’s biggest utility, Landsvirkjun, has announced a plan to build the […]

Iceland may help power Europe with geothermal


I am publishing today my thousandth post. Started in the first hours of 2007, this blog has received since then more and more visitors and more and more people subscribed. Thank you all ! I would like to take the opportunity to start a poll among you, visitors, readers and […]

My thousandth post here : please answer the poll


This weekend was the occasion for me to go and visit my family in Lorraine (Eastern France). This enabled me to help out my two uncles and their families cut their water and energy consumption. Indeed, I first helped one family install a rainwater harvesting system that will enable them […]

Sustainability in action : helping my family

Here is a review of a book I finished in February. After reading Crossing The Energy Divide, I started right away  The Plundered Planet by Paul Collier, a professor of Economics at Oxford who worked for the World Bank. This is the sequel of The Bottom Billion, which was published […]

Book review : The Plundered Planet

I think this is a record of some sort as I am only publishing today my selection of astrophotographies for February… Anyway, here is my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). This month is a bit special as my favorite is a […]

Great astrophotographies – February 2011

To CleanTechies : ” According to a new NASA-funded study, Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are losing mass at a much faster rate than previous model forecasts have predicted. “ ” Results suggest that the ice sheets, found only in Antarctica and Greenland, are melting faster than mountain glaciers and […]

Greenland and Antarctica are melting much faster than predicted

Earlier this month – while Europe decided to keep the same unambitious targets – the People’s Republic of China decided in its 12th five-year plan to tackle even more environmental issues like water and air pollution. As the BBC noted : ” China’s latest five-year plan for 2011 to 2015 […]

China’s new plan puts emphasis on environment


Using clean drinkable water to flush isn’t making much sense economically and environmentally. Yet this is the most practical one. (I don’t really see how people living in huge cities could all use dry or composting toilets) This is why I believe that each and everyone of us should install […]

Why dual flush toilets should be ubiquitous