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After reaching the one billion mark in 2007, the UNEP decided to plant seven billion around the world before the Copenhagen meeting which will decide of the future of the Kyoto Protocol. The Billion Tree Campaign announced today that over three billion trees had been planted for the operation. Worldwide, […]

Over three billion trees planted !

This is that time of the month: the one for me to present my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). I would like to give this a special emphasis on Mars, as I finished the Martian Trilogy. As always, this month was […]

Great astrophotographies – March 2009


Tonight at 8.30 pm local time it will be Earth Hour. This event launched by the WWF is promoting awareness on global warming. Many cities and companies all around the world will participate. Last year no less than 50 million people switched their lights off for the occasion. This year, […]

Tonight is Earth Hour


Since I don’t have that much time to blog, I restrain myself to publishing here around 25 articles per month. However, many more great news are worth reading and blogging about. My goal being to provide you with the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and […]

Worth an article: my March 2009 tweets


An article on TreeHugger caught my attention as it explained that half US employees – and similar figures in other countries – don’t turn off their computers at the end of their work day. The potential savings are impressive. In America: $2.8 billion, in the United Kingdom $420 million and […]

Shuting down PCs at night could save billions

Times they are a-changin’ sung Bob Dylan. This is true as after years of despisal more and more people – even environmentalists  previously against such solutions – support nuclear as a way to avoid dramatic climate change. This became apparent as Sweden stated it won’t stop as planned its nuclear […]

More and more support for nuclear

A recent Financial Times article caught my attention as it was written by both two eminent economists: Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern. This alone would represent an important event. But the topic was even more interesting as it is an important call for action to tackle both the economic downturn […]

The imperative of a Green New Deal

Rain forests around the world already suffer largely from deforestation. Now, another large threat is appearing as climate change leads to less water and thus less trees. Both the Indonesian and the Amazonian rain forests are at threat. This phenomenon will lead to even more climate change. This article will […]

Rain forests suffer from climate change


Light pollution is a major problem for astronomers in most if not all countries (see map) . But for the International Year of Astronomy this may change with the following initiative. Globe at Night allows astronomers to easily assess the phenomenon with a series of charts. By watching the Orion […]

Assessing and ending light pollution


In 1988 was signed the Montreal Protocol, which restricted the use of CFC – ChloroFluoroCarbons – gases that harm the ozone layer, our sole protection against UV rays. To the NASA this was a tremendous success as large troubles have been avoided. Without this success, our world could suffer of […]

The motivating example of the Montreal Protocol


To this article of the Oil Drum world oil production peaked in 2008. Even if there is no 100 percent certainty, such a fact could represent another sign of the end of the world as we see it. Indeed, after the increasing global pressure on water resources, massive pollution and […]

Did oil production peaked in 2008 ?

This week in Istanbul, Turkey, around 15,000 water specialists are meeting for the fifth World Water Forum. This occurs as water scarcity is increasing and is due to keep on doing so around the world. With the goal of bridging divides over water, this forum will tackle international issues as […]

The fifth World Water Forum