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This is that time of the month: the one for me to present my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). I would like to give this a special emphasis on Mars, as I finished the Martian Trilogy. As always, this month was […]

Great astrophotographies – February 2009

Since I don’t have that much time to blog, I restrain myself to publishing here around 25 articles per month. However, many more great news are worth reading and blogging about. My goal being to provide you with the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and […]

Worth an article: my February 2009 tweets

News on solar photovoltaïc are numerous as many companies and labs are working in research and development to bring to market the best PV cells possible in terms of price and of efficiency. In the meantime, more and more large projects are being launched. Indeed, California announced a 1,300 MW […]

February 2009 solar news


I was wondering in May 2008 if oil production already peaked. The Oil Drum brings us more data on peak oil as to their latest article non-OPEC countries’ oil production peaked in 2004. Indeed, Russia – the world’s second oil producer – saw its production peaked in 2008 and is […]

Oil production peaked in non-OPEC countries


Mankind polluted Earth’s oceans and atmosphere in an impressive way. According to the European Space Agency (ESA) it also polluted space in such a way that it represents a danger for satellites for the next 10,000 years ! To their website: “Since 1957, more than 4,800 space launches have led […]

Space debris are a danger for satellites


According to a recent study carried out by the Rocky Mountain Institute, the United States could cut their consumption of coal by 62 % before as early as 2020. This would represent savings of 1.2m gigawatt-hours annually. The equivalent of 30 % of the US annual electricity use could be […]

America can cut its coal consumption by 62 %


Thanks to Meryn I came across a most interesting piece of information. According to the Spiegel (the leading German magazine) wind turbines in Europe do nothing for emissions-reduction goals. Despite the billions spent every year in wind energy, solar and similar renewable energy sources, greenhouse gases emissions haven’t decreased. What […]

A climate change mitigation paradox

My dear subscribers, on February 28 traditional Feedburner feeds addresses won’t work anymore. This means that you have to update to the new feed address to keep reading this blog’s posts. Most luckily it will take you only a few seconds to subscribe to the new RSS feed – […]

Please update your RSS feed readers


I noted on October that the United Nations want a global green New Deal and their latest Year Book brings us more information on that as now we have an estimate of the money needed. Dedicating one tiny single percent of the global GDP to combating water scarcity, climate change […]

One percent for the planet (and for us)


While browsing Dan Smolen’s blog – a real must read – I came across what became instantly my green dream job: Chief Sustainability Officer, a job solely dedicated to make companies more sustainable. According to the article an increasing amount of large American corporations now have such jobs. I wonder […]

My green dream job: Chief Sustainability Officer

I was reporting last week that many countries in South Asia are facing water scarcity. And to recent articles I read, it seems that the phenomenon is also witnessed in China as well, but an even more worrying way. An article from the Green Leap Forward brings us great information […]

Worsening water scarcity crises in China


One of the latest reports by the WWF is giving a price on the protection of the Amazon rain forest, which represents by itself 40 percent of the global remaining rain forests. Current prices of avoided greenhouse gases emissions and other services  provided by the forest – like erosion protection […]

The price of the Amazon’s protection