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This month's selection of tweets 3

Since I don’t have that much time to blog, I restrain myself to around 25 articles per month. However, more news are worth reading and blogging about. My goal being to provide you with the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development and related topics, I had to find […]

Worth an article: my October 2008 tweets


This is the title of the latest e-mail I received from the WWF. To them, the economic turmoil pales in comparison with the environmental one and its possible outcome if not tackled fast. Indeed, we are currently using one third more than our Planet can sustain. If this was to […]

The ecological credit crunch


After several countries in Europe – Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, France or Russia – it seems that the United States are also willing to build new nuclear plants. It is not entirely new as I was mentioning it earlier, but this times actual developments are witnessed. A most interesting […]

A new nuclear era in the United States


As stock markets keep on going down and down, there is still hope. Indeed, the UNEP launches a green economy initiative to get the global markets back to work. This represents a possible turnaround from our growth model based on the depletion of natural resources and ecosystems and thus a […]

A global green New Deal : UNEP iniative


Like every last Sunday of each month, this is time for me to present you my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) This month was exceptionally rich in wonderful pictures and it was very difficult to select just ten. I am absolutely […]

Great astrophotographies – October 2008

As you saw with my previous post, Daryl Warner Laux from Verda Vivo wrote a great article for this blog. I returned her the favor and wrote one for her. Called A new Apollo program, it focuses on how the United States can invent a low carbon energy mix by […]

My guest post for Verda Vivo


This is a huge privilege for me to present you today the first guest post written for Elrst. Her author, Daryl Warner Laux and I have been exchanging mails and views for the past months. Verda Vivo, Daryl’s blog, reflects her passion for environmental issues, climate change, conservation, pollution, recycling, organics […]

Verda Vivo’s guest post: condoms are the answer


Due to the economic crises around the world oil prices halved over the past two months. Indeed, after nearing $150 in July, they are now back to below $70. You may think that high oil prices won’t happen ever again and that we can keep on relying on this fossil […]

What oil prices below $70 mean in the long run

The WWF published this week a study on how climate change is accelerating. The new evidence show that the alarmist predictions of the IPCC underestimated the threat. As greenhouse gases emissions keep on increasing, strong leadership on mitigation is needed more than ever. The EU could do that but decreased […]

Climate change is occurring faster than forecast

After my last post on this blog’s design, I continued to work on improving it. This time the changes take place in the sidebar where I propose you now new cool features. From the possibility to read the latest comments and subscribe to their RSS. I also added my Twitter […]

New features : RSS of comments, Twitter and Flickr


The European Union decided last week to ban all incandescent light bulbs by 2010. This occurs as Australia, Cuba and the Philippines did the same last year. This is important as the EU and its 27 members accounts for nearly half a billion inhabitants. This law is due to cut […]

EU bans incandescent light bulbs by 2010


At the Paris Motor Show, the French industrial company Bolloré and the famous Italian car designer Pininfarina presented a car they will release next year, the B 0. All electric and coming with brand new lithium polymer battery, the B0 (or B Zero) has a range of 250 kilometers (155 […]

The B Zero, a future great electric car