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The month of August was a chance for many people in Asia to witness a total lunar eclipse and the occasion for NASA’s astronomy picture of the day to focus on the phenomenon. This gave us two magnificent pictures, including the crown of the sun, pictured left. But this month’s […]

Great astrophotographies – August 2008


Since this is my 350th post on, I thought it is the perfect timing to focus on the global initiative due to mitigate climate change called 350. This number refers to the amount of carbon dioxide parts per million (PPM) we shouldn’t go over. We are currently at 387 […]

Time to focus on 350


For the past few months, I have been reading about this video without never watching it. After a comment on La Marguerite Blog, I decided to do so. In 20 minutes or so, I learned a lot about the true cost and life cycle of the stuff we buy year […]

The story of stuff… a mandatory video ?

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the Care NGO published last week an interesting report on the humanitarian implications of a full scale climate change. According to the conclusions, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia (representing populations worth of 1,587 million people) are particularly at risk […]

Humanitarian implications of climate change


Climate change will have many impacts, we have seen it throughout many articles. However, one of the main consequences didn’t get much attention here : rising sea levels. But to the research carried out by several institutions – including the OECD and the World Bank – this may displace and […]

The major threat of rising sea levels : the science

A short post to announce you that Marguerite published an article I wrote specifically for her blog. This is both a great pleasure and honor to see my humble work featured there. This occurs as her work is going up and up in the blogosphere as she begun writing for […] featured on La Marguerite Blog


According to a study carried out by IBM’s Institute for Business Value – Automotive 2020: Clarity Beyond the Chaos – and quoted by EcoGeek, all cars may be hybrid by 2020. This is reinforced by the fact that Toyota, the leading car maker and producer of the global success Prius […]

All cars hybrid by 2020 ?


With the prices of raw materials and oil going up the roof, recycling becomes increasingly interesting. By reading Green with a gun I found some most interesting data on that topic. Kyle quotes there a great article from The Times and give us as well more note worthy data and […]

Why recycling has a really bright future

Google is really interested in renewable energy sources. After putting millions in solar and wind energies, they are this time investing in harvesting the ground’s energy. Focusing this time on a specific technology called Enhanced Geothermal Sytems – EGS for short – Google is putting 10.25 million USD (7 million […]

Google invests in Enhanced Geothermal Systems


This week takes place in Stockholm the world water week. This is the occasion for me to focus on this vital resource for both Nature and Mankind. This is even more interesting as water scarcity crises are more and more frequent at a global level and as nearly half of […]

This week is world water week

After last week’s article on the decreasing demand of SUV in the United States, my dad sent me an article mentioning a Chinese plan on taxing more large cars. Even if this is not due to contribute much to the country’s objectives on cutting pollution and fossil fuel energy consumption, […]

… and in China too ?


One of my favorite US environmental blog – The Daily Green – published today an interesting article with a lot of data on how Americans drive less and shift to smaller cars. With as much as 800,000 less barrels per day consumed in the first half of the year and […]

The end of the large cars era in the United ...