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Since my article last month, the NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day has been packed with images taken from Mars, thanks to the Phoenix mission. It also proposed us some very nice pictures from various celestial views such as Saturn’s rings (left, taken by the Cassini mission) or the usual […]

Great astrophotographies – June 2008


Oil prices are breaking record every month since the beginning of the year. Today they reached an unprecendented level of $142 at the New York Mercantile Exchange. This occurs only seven weeks after oil prices reached $130. This phenomenom is most likely to continue as some forecasts infer that prices may reach $170 this summer. […]

Oil prices reach $140

I was reporting it last week, China now surpasses the United States as the first greenhouse gases emitter. It accounts for 24 percent of global greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, pollutions of all kinds are soaring in the country. To put an end to all this, the Beijing government is moving towards […]

China: the red giant goes green


Today, after less than a year and a half of writing, I am publishing my 300th post on this blog. This happens as my 200th article was published on January 2nd. I would like to take the opportunity to share with you some thoughts I recently had on writing and […]

300th post : some thoughts on writing


At a time where oil is more and more expensive, companies are seeing their transport bills increase and are looking for alternatives to send their executives traveling to the other side of the world. Videoconferencing is according to the WWF one as it enable people to talk to each other […]

Videoconferencing, a simple solution to climate change


Last month I finished a fantastic science fiction book I had been reading for three months. As it is the first part of a trilogy, I think I will stay on the Red planet for a long time. Kim Stanley Robinson is a sheer genius and if you like sci-fi, […]

Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson

By reading the UNEP feeds, I came across an interesting report on the huge possible energy and money savings in the information and communication sector. According to a new report by the Climate Group and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, worldwide savings could reach 500 billion Euros (800 billion USD) by […]

Decreasing the energy use of the IT sector


Now than summer has arrived in the Northern hemisphere, some of you might be willing to put to an end to the excessive heat in your homes and offices. Naturally, air conditioning comes to mind. But as this solution is very energy intensive and releases HFC – very powerful greenhouse […]

Solutions to keep cool and keep the Earth cool too


All my warmest congratulations on my sister Caroline as she became today a Doctor in Pharmacy. This is a great event for our family and we are all very proud of her. This is reinforced as the jury awarded her this PhD with the highest honors possible, very good. Her […]

Toutes mes félicitations !

Climate change, aka global warming 7

Global carbon dioxide rose by 3.1 percent in 2007 compared to 2006 levels. This is mostly due to Chinese emissions as the country accounts for two third of the increase. Meanwhile, the world’s most populous nation becomes the largest contributor to climate change as China emitted 14 percent more greenhouse […]

World CO2 emissions rose by 3.1 percent last year


According to the 390-pages atlas released by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Africa is changing rapidly because of many factors like deforestation and climate change. The already fragile environments are under pressure due to wars, the increasing population and water scarcity, a major problem as 300 million people suffer […]

Africa’s rapidly changing environment


You perhaps remember my enthusiastic post on the launch of the WE campaign, by the former US Vice President Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection. This time, a UK initiative that has the same goal (to enable us to decrease our daily CO2 emissions) is going global as […] iniative launched in the USA