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The president of the OPEC stated earlier this week that oil prices might keep on climbing steadily and reach 200 USD per barrel before year end. This might seem far-fetched, but since the beginning of the year, oil prices rose by nearly 20 percent and there is no sign that […]

Oil prices may reach $200 before year-end

Earlier this week, I checked Blog do Planeta – written by the Brazilian weekly Epoca – my information source on what goes on in the environmental area in this country. I was quite surprised to see my name on the list written by Alexandre Mansur of his ten best green […]

Welcome to my Brazilian readers !

The prices of cereals keep on increasing in an important way and numerous riots of hungers already occured in many countries of South America, Africa and Asia. Biofuels aren’t the only reason for such increases – we will see below that many other factors were also involved – but they […]

Soaring cereal bills and the riots of hunger

I haven’t posted anything on astrophotography since my article on the avalanches on Mars. And these pictures weren’t that beautiful or anything else but scientific material. So, as the NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day comprised last weeks some very beautiful pictures, I propose you here my favorites of the […]

Great astrophotographies – April 2008

I seldom watch the news on TV, so I was surprised to see a small news on environment exactly as I switched it on. That one was on global warming, and was quoting the WWF. According to this renowned environmental organization : “Climate change is having a greater and faster […]

To the WWF, climate change hitting Arctic faster, harder


I knew that Germany had plans to build coal fired plants. Little did I know that according to this great article from the IHT other European countries like Italy are willing to do so. In 1958, I wouldn’t be surprised or anything, but in 2008, with the growing fears of […]

Coal strikes back… in Europe ?

It seems that the former vice president of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize Al Gore (pictured left) is more and more in the news. This is due to me to make major topics of the environment protection and climate change mitigation in the elections which will happen later […]

Al Gore’s new presentation : fantastic !


By reading Ecogeek I get to know aerogel, a material that insulates 37 times more than fiberglass. The latter is largely used to insulate houses nowadays. Aerogel is the lightest solid known, extremely resistant, great for soundproofing, and yes, still very expensive : 1,300 USD (approx 800 €) per pound. […]

Aerogel, the future of insulating materials

95 percent of road transportation still depends on oil, and this is major problem as oil prices keep on increasing and as peak oil nears inexorably. This is major drive to find a solution. The WWF, the renowned environmental organization, released earlier this month an interesting report on what they […]

WWF wants more plug-in cars


The United Nations’ weather specialists from the World Meteorological Organization state that the cool temperatures we are currently facing are due to La Nina. According to them, this well known phenomenon is just temporary and do not question the evidence of climate change and the urgency for us to act […]

La Nina’s cooling effect is only temporary


In two different articles, Les Echos [Fr] and the IHT are fearing that the current fears of recession might endanger the expansion of renewable energies. Indeed the IHT noticed a drop in stocks of these companies and Les Echos reported a fear that the French government might not respect its […]

Renewable energies and the fears of recession