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According to the WWF, Shanghaï (and another Chinese city, Boading) joins the Low Carbon City Initiative, a pioneering project from the renown organization. This will enable the cities to decrease their CO2 emissions by working on energy efficiency of buildings as well as the environmental quality. This is great news […]

Shanghaï to work on climate change mitigation

The members of the United Nations Environment Program meet this week in the Principality of Monaco and many subjects were discussed about. From the launch of the Climate Neutral Network to the importance of climate change on marine life or the emerging green economy, there were very interesting news. I […]

The three topics of the UNEP meeting in Monaco

Le mois de Janvier 2008 fut assez riche en nouvelles spectaculaires au niveau de la lutte contre le changement climatique et le secteur de l’énergie. Je retiendrais de ce mois le fait que le prix du baril a atteint les 100 dollars dès le début de l’année et que l’Arctique […]

Résumé de Janvier 2008

By reading Al Gore’s blog, I came to a very interesting fact. Investors are more and more interested in projects that are due to mitigate climate change. As I was reporting earlier this month, renewable energies are witnessing a real boom of private investments and it seems it is only […]

Investing massively in climate change mitigation

Last weeks were particularly poor in new articles and this can be partly explained by the fact that I have been traveling around for my job research and other reasons. Indeed I went twice to Paris for job interviews and twice to Besançon where I spent a day each time. […]

Why this blog has been slowing down, and what’s next

Last night was successfully installed on the International Space Station the laboratory Columbus. This is a major event as it is the first European module to be part of the ISS. Both the ESA and NASA, respectively the European and US space agencies, expressed their delight of such a major […]

European space lab Columbus installed on ISS


I was relating earlier that renewable energies are witnessing a boom worldwide. It seems that nuclear energy might also face the same phenomenon with climate change mitigation. Nuclear has a seriously bad reputation for some ecologists, and this even if it is the second lowest greenhouse gases emitting energy solution. […]

Toward a new golden age for nuclear energy ?

Alstom unveiled yesterday its AGV, which is the successor of the TGV (train à grande vitesse, fast speed train) a huge success for the company. The AGV brings several improvements compared to the previous model as it goes faster – 360 kilometers per hour compared to 320 – and consumes […]

The AGV, the new fast train by Alstom

I continue my series on the various investments realized in renewables as the Worldwatch Institute released a report giving some data on this topic. According to this NGO, global investments in these various energy sources might reach 66 billion USD in 2007, a sharp increase over 2005 and 2006. The […]

Worldwide, 66 billion USD invested in renewables


As I just finished this book from the renowned founder of the Earth Policy Institute, I will give you my review of what I consider an essential reading on environmentalism. I consider it a must read as it brings not only solutions to most problems our Planet and Mankind are […]

Review of Plan B 2.0 by Lester R Brown