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The world famous US company Google ,which is behind the most used search engine, plans in the very next years to invest hundreds of millions Dollars in renewable energy sources. The goal is to make solar, geothermal and wind energies price-competitive with electricity from coal-fired plants. A very ambitious idea […]

Google to invest massively in renewable energies

Just days before the Bali talks that will prepare the future of the Kyoto Protocol, the United Nations released a report on the human toll climate change would have. According to it, a full scale global warming would have dramatic consequences for hundreds of million people and the most struck […]

Climate change: a huge threat for developing countries

Rice is the most consumed cereal in the world and is the base of food for half the world population. It is also very water intensive. Meanwhile, water scarcity problems are already increasing in India and China, and will increase even more with climate change. So when the WWF writes […]

How to grow more rice with less water


I don’t talk about politics as opinions are personal, but when politics include climate change mitigation, I have to do so. The victory yesterday of the Labour Party in Australia is very good news. The country will ratify the Kyoto Protocol and will also be present at the Bali talks […]

Australia to ratify Kyoto, will partake in Bali talks


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is one of the main solutions to decrease the greenhouse gases emissions of coal-fired plants. However there is no commercial application yet, but several programs are on their way in North America, Europe or China. The oil-producing countries from the OPEC also plan to work […]

More and more tests of Carbon Capture and Storage

Le mois d’octobre fut excessivement riche en bonnes et mauvaises nouvelles au niveau environnemental et fut pour moi l’occasion d’écrire de nombreux articles. Au niveau des réjouissances on retiendra l’obtention du Prix Nobel de la Paix par les spécialistes du climat du GIEC et Al Gore ou le Grenelle de […]

Résumé du mois d’octobre 2007


The last part of the Fourth Assessment report (AR4) of the IPCC was released Friday in Valencia, Spain. The main news is that the situation is worse than forecast during the writing of the report. Mankind thus have to act quick and in a massive way if it wants to […]

Final part of AR4 released. We have to act NOW ...


This week-end I had the opportunity to look at the sky at night. I discovered with great joy that the Orion Constellation (left) is right in front of my window at midnight. By using Stellarium, a great freeware displaying exactly the sky one has in front of him/her, I discovered […]

My beginnings in Astronomy : fantastic yet frustrating

Thanks to my good friend Etienne Schneider, I discovered a very interesting tool that rates the CO2 emissions due to the energy sector worldwide. CARMA (CArbon Monitoring for Action) provides reliable data on 50,000 plants and 4,000 energy companies. All this enable us to see which countries are the most […]

CARMA rates CO2 emissions of energy generation

Many of my international readers have been willing to know more on le Grenelle de l’Environnement and the decisions that have been taken afterwards. They can rejoice as the concluding speech by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been translated into English, Spanish and German. You can access to the […]

Further on le Grenelle de l’Environnement

The Worldwatch Institute, a US-based environmental NGO, recently released it’s newest Vital Signs report which brings several worrying facts and urge us even more to act fast. This version notes that the energy consumption and the depletion of natural resources are threatening the world at an unprecedented rate. All this […]

Another study urges us to act fast

Last week, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) published a report on the greening of the Olympic Games that will be held next summer in Beijing, China. This event is an occasion for the local government to become more aware of sustainable development-related issues such as pollution or waste management. […]

The Olympic Games, an occasion for China to go green