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Today’s article is on coal as I am interested by this energy source and the possibilities to clean it up. A question of importance as it is the dirtiest energy source to date. According to the data I had access to, coal emits around 975 grams of CO2 per KWh; […]

A look at the clean alternatives to coal

The United Nations Environment Program released last week its fourth Global Environment Outlook and issued “(its) final wake-up call to the international community” to tackle environmental issues. Among those threats are climate change, but also overfishing, air and water pollution and so on. This was written 20 years after the […]

UNEP issue strong warning on environment


Yesterday in Paris took place what will perhaps be remembered as the green event of the decade in France. The President Nicolas Sarkozy detailed in a 30-minute speech a very ambitious plan that concluded weeks of discussions on environmental causes within what is called here Le Grenelle de l’Environnement. From […]

The Grenelle, a French green revolution

I came across a worrying news while browsing the RSS feeds of the French daily le Figaro. 30 sites among the 851 that are part of the World Heritage are considered endangered by the UNESCO. Tourism, wars and natural phenomenons (climate change, earthquakes…) are among the causes. This news was […]

UNESCO : 30 World Heritage sites endangered

One of the main events of the week is a study stating that greenhouse gases emissions are increasing 35 percent faster than forecast since 2000. The causes for such an important increase have both economic and climatic origins and each reason account for nearly half of the phenomenon. Indeed, human-made […]

An escalation by 35 percent

This is the ambitious goal that was set at the beginning of the month by the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF), eight other NGOs and the government of Brazil. This would to be reached by various sustainable development schemes that will include the local people, companies and government. This […]

Putting an end to deforestation in Brazil by 2015

After reaching the $85 limit per barrel earlier this week, oil prices went shortly last night over $90 at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). This is explained by many factors such as geopolitical tensions or the exceptional weakness of the dollar as it reached a record level of $1.43 […]

Oil prices reached $90

According to various sources, including CNN Money and Challenges, the French company Suez sold for 3.3 billion Euros worth of electricity during auctions in Brazil. The electricity will be generated by a dam that the company is currently building in collaboration with local companies. The project will be ready by […]

Suez sells 3.3 billion € of electricity in Brazil

The International Energy Agency released this week an interesting paper on energy efficiency and its importance. According to an IEA executive :“Improving energy efficiency is the most cost-effective concrete action governments can take in the short term to address climate change and energy security concerns” I propose in this article […]

IEA urges governments for energy efficiency

Oil prices have been increasing for weeks and a new record was just set in London and New York as oil prices reached $85 and even $86 per barrel today. This is due to some tensions occurring between Turkey and Iraq. This is an occasion to get back to an […]

Oil prices reach 85 USD

Today’s major event is the Nobel Peace Prize, which goes to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and to Al Gore, for their tireless work on raising the public awareness on man-made climate change. This recognizes in perhaps the best possible way that global warming has to be fought […]

Nobel Peace Prize 2007 goes to the IPCC and Al ...


Ce mois-ci fut pour moi l’occasion d’écrire en Français plus que d’habitude et de proposer un long article sur les émissions de gaz à effet de serre selon la source d’énergie utilisée. Les principaux évènements furent la réunion des pays de la région Asie Pacifique (APEC) et les préparatifs au […]

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