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Comme je l’avais promis à certains de mes amis, voici le commentaire du livre qui selon moi doit être lu par toute personne qui s’intéresse au changement climatique et/ou à la future crise pétrolière. Cet ouvrage, intitulé “Le plein s’il vous plaît” fut écrit par Jean-Marc Jancovici et Alain Grandjean […]

Commentaire du livre Le plein s’il vous plait

Germany is willing to tackle the millions local buildings that are lacking insulation. This will lead to savings of nearly half of the energy consumed by this sector by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels). The goal of the Federal Government is to insulate every year five percent of total housings […]

German federal governement to insulate buildings


According to the European Environment Agency, the European greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions globally decreased in 2005. Since 1990, the emissions decreased by 7.9 percent in the EU-27. This is indeed good news. However, in the EU-15 (the fifteen first countries to have join the European Union : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, […]

EU greenhouse gases emissions decreased in 2005

This question appeared lately in the US press notably in the New York Times. This happens as the local President is willing to stimulate economic growth. The current President of this large country, Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – also known in the media simply as Lula – is […]

New dams in Brazil ?

A series of polls were done worldwide on the concerns on environmental questions. Among the countries asked were the United States and Australia. Here are the main findings.

A poll on environmental concerns

These are the words of British Premier Tony Blair on what was achieved concerning climate change at the G8. Indeed, the leaders of the G8 agreed on halving greenhouse gases emissions by 2050.

A major, major step forward


When the Chinese government has an idea, it goes forward fast and in a gigantic manner. So, in order to hold back the Gobi desert – a very important issue for cities like Beijing – the local government decided to plant million trees during the next 70 years. The Gobi […]

The Green Wall of China