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I have been reading for the past four months a great space opera book by Vernor Vinge, A deepness in the sky. It indeed took me some time to finish it, but it is one of the best, if not the very best Sci-Fi book I ever read so far. […]

A deepness in the sky, by Vernor Vinge

According to an article in La Tribune, a French economic newspaper, Electricité de France ( EDF, the French electricity operator ) is discussing with British Energy to build a nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom. Electricité de France is indeed discussing with British Energy in order to build nuclear […]

New nuclear plants to be built in the UK

This week, an exceptional event happened in Astronomy and I am creating a new category of articles for the occasion. If you had a look at my resume, you know that I am quite interested by this noble science, and indeed today’s article is related to that.

An exoplanet where Mankind could live ?

Perhaps you noted the appearance since last Sunday of a new tab in the navigation bar above. The part, between About and Data enables me to be a little bit more personal on this website, that is my homepage and blog.

New tab in the navigation bar


Morocco has been for some time having a look at nuclear to answer its energy needs. This leading economy in North Africa indeed sees its electricity demand growing by around eight percent per year. Let us review the main figures about Morocco. On a personal note, it is a country […]

Morocco investigating the nuclear option


Following what I wrote there, I am finishing this topic. I now focus on the various financial helps provided by the French government for households willing to insulate their apartment or house. We will also have a look at the solutions to the problem posed by the lack of thermal […]

On housing insulation – Part 2/2


Following to a comment by my friend Etienne in this article, I will take the most interesting findings of my Master’s Thesis to exemplify how insulating a place is definitively worth the money. My thesis for the Audencia Nantes Management School tackled the issues of energy scarcity and climate change […]

On housing insulation – Part 1/2

I wanted to write an article on a topic that has been in my mind for some time. Sometimes, when one talks about climate change, he or she hears an answer similar to this one : “I am not doing anything before those ones act, because they are polluting the […]

A global threat requires a global response

After some vacation in the French countryside by my family, but without any Internet connection, I am back. I had no connection but still my good Toshiba laptop. The old fellow enabled me to prepare some articles I will release in the very next days.

After a week-long break…

As I said before my vacation, I write this week an article on the second part of AR4, the fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC. The final version of this reporst was hard to finish as many parts raised discussions with polluting nations like the United States, China or Russia. […]

Conclusions of the second part of AR4


Yep, this is my fiftieth post. I am quite happy of this new version of as it enables me to blog on sustainable development related topics. Energy and climate change represent the majority of published articles as I think that sustainable development is strongly related to the choices we […]

50th post ! (alongside with some personal thoughts)