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My favourite cultural product this month is a comic books series called “Blacksad”. There are three comics in French and two are already translated in English. The stories follow the character of a detective named John Blacksad. The story, set in the USA in the 1950s, has a film noir […]

A cultural break – February 2007

As I wrote previously on this website an article on China and the pollution issues it is facing, I wanted to go deeper in this important problem. This is why I will exemplify with the case of the Hong Kong administrative region. Hong Kong (also known as HK) is a […]

Air pollution in Hong Kong

As I indeed got news I wanted to write for quite some time, I take the time today to present you the latest news on nuclear energy. China signed last month for two new EPR reactors from French AREVA (website). These reactors are third generation ones and has been developed […]

AREVA to sell two EPR reactors to China

Well, I wanted to put “mission accomplished” as a title as I indeed met professionals of the industry. I will write “mission accomplished” another day, when I’ll have found a job. I visited 50 companies and left out around 25 resumes. Most companies where I didn’t left a resume told […]

After the fair…

Tomorrow in Lyon (France) takes place the renewable energies fair and I will be there for the day. My goal is to meet professionals and give them application files (application letter, resume and recommendation) in French or in English. I will mostly concentrate myself on the sectors of solar (PV […]

Renewable energies fair in Lyon tomorrow

2006 will be remembered as a year where the price of the barrel of oil hit shortly $80. Oil is a very lucrative business, to exemplify my statement I will give below the profit earned by the five major oil companies worldwide. According to the Figaro (dated 2/2/2007, page 22) […]

Record profits for oil majors in 2006

In a previous post I was giving general information but not a lot of precise data. I take the opportunity here to give some more concerning carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This summary reported a worsening in the climate change situation, and this for several reasons.

More on the latest IPCC paper

Year 2006 broke several records for China. The first one is good news for this great country as its economic growth was of 10.7 percent, the most important for the past 15 years. The second one is very bad news as 2006 was the “darkest year” for pollution in the […]

Record pollution in China in 2006

Due to computer hardware problems in my family (where I was staying last week) I haven’t been able to post my articles on Friday as I wanted. Their Hard Disk Drive crashed on Thursday morning and I do sincerely hope that they will be able to get their data back […]

Oops… hardware problem !


I would like to write this blog’s fifteenth post on a small but yet important personal event. I finally got my driving license. Yes, it is indeed a small event. You will may ask why I only took at my age this test and not before. To make a long story […]

A short personal note


The ADEME ( “Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie” ; or Agency for Environment and Energy Conservation ; an official body depending from the French ministries of Environment and Industry ; website ) urged last week French people to decrease their electricity consumption. This is done after […]

French urged to decrease their electricity consumption